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Update - Balancing SP

Balancing for Specialist Cards

Master Wolf
The way his ultimate abilities work has been fundamentally changed so that each of them now serves an individual purpose. From now on, you collect points for each skill hit and receive the ‘Ultimate Aura’ by activating the ultimate skills. At the highest level, you can use your ‘Ultimate Tri-Combo’ to destroy your opponents!

Holy Mage
The healing of the Holy Mage now scales with his own maximum HP: the stronger you are, the more you can heal your allies! In addition, some of his skills have been reworked to offer even more support in the fight against raid bosses.

The damage the Crusader receives from his Triple Charging has been slightly reduced. In return, his basic skill has been accelerated and turned into an area attack that can hurt several enemies at once. Additionally, his healing and the ‘Growing Shield’ skill have been reworked.

The Assassin can now deal critical damage to his opponents with his daggers for a longer period of time. In return, his burst damage has been slightly reduced.

Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight now heals when enemies attack his ‘Draconium Shield’ skill.

The buff duration of several skills has been slightly increased. In addition, his ‘Dragon’s Breath’ skill now triggers a buff for the player instead of debuffing the opponent.

The damage reduction of his mana shield has been slightly improved.

Hydraulic Fist
The Hydraulic Fist now regains mana when enemies attack into his ‘Frontal Block’ skill.

The Archmage now heals himself only half as much as his allies.

The Scout now reduces less critical damage of incoming attacks.

The cooldown of the ‘Mind Sink’ skill has been increased. Additionally, the damage reduction of his mana shield has been weakened.

Dark Gunner
The damage reduction of his mana shield has been significantly reduced.

The ‘Break Armour’ skill now reduces the enemy’s defence level by 5 instead of 7 levels.

Improved Game Features
As already announced, this update also includes some more of the longed-for ‘Quality of Life’ improvements that should make your adventures in NosTale a little more enjoyable. The following improvements will be made to the game:

The Asgobas raid has been revised: the difficulty of the antechambers has been reduced and you now have to defeat significantly fewer monsters in the raid.
The Revenant Paimon raid has been revised: you can now no longer use mounts in the raid and some monsters can see invisible players. In return, you are now guaranteed an SP9 Perfection Stone after every raid.
Raid entries are now only consumed when the respective raid has been successfully completed.
Raid reward chests are now stacked in the inventory (instead of occupying one inventory slot per item). From them you get items with a random rare-level between R0 and R6. This does not affect particularly rare R7 and R8 chests: they remain as separate items.
The cost of scrolls and resistances from the Act 8 raid token shop has been reduced.
You can find the complete list of changes in the patch notes.


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